Ever tried eating sago worms? Or how about an appetizer made of wild ginger? If not, you’re in luck – Sabah in Malaysia boasts of a cuisine unlike any other. As a state of Malaysia located outside the mainland, sharing borders with Indonesia, Vietnam, and even the Philippines, the food of Sabah is a blend of many flavours and exciting palettes. 

Ambuyat – Kadazandusun traditional dish that’s an important part of the culture and celebrations. Made from sago that’s taken from the trunk of the sago palm, it is usually served with a variety of spicy or savoury dishes and condiments


‘Butod’ is undeniably one of the more popular traditional food in Sabah. This is definitely not a dish for the squeamish but it is said to be very nutritious for your body.

Sinalau Bakas

Sinalau Bakas is one of Sabah’s most popular native dishes which is an iconic food for Kadazandusun people, the largest ethnic group in North Borneo. ‘Sinalau’ means ‘smoked’ whereas ‘Bakas’ means ‘wild boar’.

Kuih pinjaram Kuih pinjaram (or penyaram), nicknamed “UFO cake” because of its flying saucer shape is a traditional snack for the Bajau people.

Kuih UFO
Known as the Ngau Si Dui or “piles of cow dung”, this kuih UFO is also served at important occasions such as weddings, engagements and feasts.

Often called Hinava or Hinava Ginapan, this dish is made from fresh fish meat, marinated with lime juice, mixed with grated Bambangan seeds, red chilies, ginger, onions, and salt. Think of it as eating sushi!