Ever seen or heard of the pangalay dance before?

Many may know the pangalay dance as “mengalai” or “daling-daling”. It is a famous traditional fingernail dance of the Bajau native and Tausūg people. The dance was initially brought from the mindanao archipelago by the Suluk’s but due to the intermingling relationship between the Bajau’s and Suluk’s in the early days, it had become well-known to the Bajau community.

Pangalay is a slow and pure dance that can be danced anywhere and by anyone regardless of their age. Previously, the Bajau’s would perform the dance to entertain guests during weddings or festive events but it’s now performed in other occasions.

This interesting dance is normally performed in pairs of both men and women. If you listen to the song carefully, the phrase “Mai daling-daling” is repeated throughout the song as it was influenced by an English word, “darling” meaning “love one”


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Images by @iamganesahrao, pemetaanbudaya, trekearth, Jejaka Idaman