Linopot (Nasi Daun Tarap) is a Kadazandusun cuisine that was very popular back in the day. The Dusun people could easily bring it along with them to work on the farm or in the jungle because of its compact size.

Traditionally, the Dusun people would mix hill rice with boiled yams or sweet potato which makes the dish purplish or brown in colour and is then wrapped tightly with Doringin leaf or leaf from the tarap tree. Now, people would usually use white rice to make linopot.

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find linopot but you can still see them at specialty restaurants and during festive occasions in Dusun areas like Ranau.

Learn how to make Nasi Linopot with Jo-Anna

Images by kiulufarmstay, ropuhanditanakwagu