When it comes to delicious food, there’s no question that Melaka and Penang are famous for it but how many of you know what’s good to eat in the East? Sabah’s rich culture has birthed a unique cuisine invented by its locals.

Here are the best noodle dishes in Sabah. Try not to drool too much when reading!

1. Tamparuli noodles

Tamparuli noodles have often been mistaken for Tuaran mee. This noodle dish has a springier texture and is often eaten with siew yoke and scrambled eggs. Some suggest adding some tomato sauce because it goes well with the egg.

2. Mee Sup Kota Belud

Mee Sup Kota Belud
photo by sabaheats

Did you know Kota Belud has its very own dish as well? This dish serves well as a comfort food to warm up the stomach! Chicken broth is used to make it a flavourful dish. It is usually served with char siew, chicken cutlets, and fried shallots.

3. Mee Sup Pipin

photo by @sabaheats

Named after the founder’s surname, this dish can be found in Kampung Inobong. Mee Sup Pipin, originally known as Mee Sup Inobong, is usually served with fresh clear soup pork mix.

4. Mee Tauhu

Here’s a popular breakfast dish in Tawau you can enjoy! This dish is similar to the yong tau fu you have in the Peninsular. The noodles are plain stir-fried with a sunny side up.