Bayangkis – Woven clothes filled with Dusun Lobou’s traditional patterns. It has a middle opening (for the head) and a side opening. The front part covers the abdomen, whereas the back part is longer surpassing the waistline.

Kasumba – Red cloth wrapped around the waist as a belt to secure the Bayangkis and is tied at the side.

Obau(Loincloth) – Same materials as the Bayangkis, it is a single piece of cloth wrapped around the hips that covers the genitals. The excess cloth is left hanging at the front and back.

Gelungan Buner and Lungkaki – Made out of copper rod that has been coiled and worn at the waist (Buner) and ankle (Lungkaki) to protect the wearer from deep injury during the war.

Gantad – Earrings made of copper and small beads.

Rarayut – Necklace made of colourful beads. *Not in pictures.

Sulou of Bayangkis – Disk-shaped accessories that are sewn at both ends of the middle openings of Bayangkis. It’s made from either elephant ivory or jade.

Sulou bracelet – Back then it was made of large white seashells and was used as hand protection during the wars. Nowadays, they just use a white bracelet since the large white seashells are difficult to obtain.

Gayang – Bornean-machete used back then by the warriors during the war. *Not in pictures

Photo and credits to matthewezra97