@_memeyaw_ wearing the traditional attire of Dusun Gobukon, an ethnic group from her hometown, Kota Marudu, sabah.

Gobuk in Dusun language means monkey! At the northen part of Sabah (North Borneo), there is a small town called Kota Marudu where lives a minority Dusun ethnicity who revered the primate monkey as their savior.

The Gobukon’s female costume is called the Sinurangga for the married and Tabot for those who are still single. Gobukon female costume consist of Rindaut (hip ring from rattan), Lungkaki a brass anklet, necklace Karoh and white bangle Sulaw.

Hand embroidered motif at the back of the skirt inspired from the root of a grass known locally as ‘Sinorinatad’. The motifs on the skirt are mostly inspired from the flora & faunas surround them. This hand embroidered motifs is inspired from the grass ‘Linkong’ and Titimbok, a hair bun strap hand made from rattan.

Photo by memeyaw