Have you ever seen or heard of a giant before? Well, maybe you’ve heard of the tallest man in the world that has been featured in almost every edition of the Guinness World Records book since 1955. Robert Pershing Wadlow measured at a staggering 2.72m (8 ft 11.1 in) tall. Extraordinary isn’t it? But it’s not as exciting as Gambaliu, a giant that measures approximately 24 feet in height! It makes the tallest man in the world look like a doll when they are compared side-by-side.

But who is Gambaliu exactly? Well, Gambaliu is a fictional character in the Sabah legend. If he really did exist, we would all be seeing him in the NBA.

You can find his tomb at Serinsim Park, Kota Marudu which is approximately 130 KM away from KK city. According to legend, Gambaliu was buried here for thousands of years. His body was cut in half making it easier for the people to bury him.

If you’re interested in visiting his grave, you will have to walk approximately 1.5 KM in the rainforest of Serinsim Park. It’s not a challenging trail but you might have to face a few leeches during the wet season.

Images by mysabah.com