Meet the Bornean Elephant!

It is locally and often called the “Borneo Pygmy Elephant” (Elephas maximus¬†borneensis)and is the smallest species of elephant in the world at 8.2-9.8 feet tall. They have shorter trunks, a smaller round face, relatively large ears, and longer tails that sometimes reach the ground!

Pygmy elephants are an endangered species with an estimated number of 2,040 elephants left in the wild and 95% of them can be found here in Sabah.

Here’s a close-up video of the pygmy elephants filmed at Kinabatangan River.

Here are the best places to spot pygmy elephants

  1. Kinabatangan River
tourists watching pygmy elephants, Sabah

2. Danum Valley

pygmy elephant sabah

3. Tabin Wildlife Reserve

tabin wildlife reserve

4. Deramakot Forest Reserve

pygmy elephant at deramakot forest reserve

Images by Borneo Adventure