On the 8th of February 2015, Pos Malaysia installed its 3,110th post box in Malaysia also Mount Kinabalu’s very first post box that is 3,289 meters above sea level at Pendant Hut, Laban Rata. The post box is approximately a four to six hour climb from Kinabalu Park.

Needless to say, it immediately made it into the “Malaysia Book of Records”. Word has it that over 100 postcards were posted through the Mount Kinabalu post box the very day it was installed!

According to Pos Malaysia’s covering group chief executive officer Azlan Shahrim, “the post box is an attraction to draw in tourists as they will be able to commemorate their climb by sending out mail from the highest altitude in the country”. He also said, “A special self-inking date stamp of Mount Kinabalu and its altitude print is available at Ranau post office as the cancellation mark”. 

A postman is assigned to climb up Mount Kinabalu and collect the letters and postcards from the post box at 12 noon every working day.

Image by Pos Malaysia Berhad