Originally known as the Atkinson Memorial Clock Tower, Atkinson Clock Tower is the oldest standing man-made structure in Kota Kinabalu City (KK) that survived the destruction of Jesselton town during World War II.

The clock tower was built in 1905 to commemorate Francis George Atkinson, the first District Officer of Jesselton who passed away at the age of 28, December 1902, due to ‘Borneo Fever’ (Malaria). His mother, Mrs Mary Edith Atkinson gave a two-faced clock to Jesselton town as a memory of her son. The tower was then decided to be built in his honour under the support of the British government, his friends, colleagues, and mother. Since then, the people of Jesselton town (now KK) have been hearing the chimes for over a million times now.

Atkinson Clock Tower was originally built using Mirabau (Merbau) wood and has been renovated over the years. Measuring at 50 feet (15.24 metres), the clock was an important geographical point to guide the ships into the bay during colonial era. It became one of the main historical tourism ambassador in KK as it attracted many visitors and tourists.

Atkinson Clock Tower is located in KK city centre, about 3 minutes walk from the Gaya Street.

Images by Heritage Sabah, Eman540705