From rainforests to crystalline seas, Sabah offers once-in-a-lifetime ecotourism experiences. But what makes our Sabah truly special is its natural beauty. Here are the top 5 majestic waterfalls in Sabah.

1. Kiansom Waterfall

Location: Inanam, Kota Kinabalu
Height: 7-Meter (23 Feet)

Image by Travis_Chong Instagram

2. Langanan Waterfall

Location: Poring, Kinabalu Park
Height: 120 Meters (394 Feet)

Image by ragavendra_g.k Instagram

3. Maliau Falls

Location: Maliau Basin, Tawau
Height: 28-Meter (92 Feet)

Image by mohanaletchumanan Instagram

4. Tawai Waterfalls

Location: Tawai Forest Reserve, Telupid
Height: 95 Meters (311 Feet)

Image by ellyzanaelin

5. Mahua Waterfall

Location: Tambunan
Height: 17 Meters (55 Feet)

Image by ben02431 Instagram