Don’t be fooled by the cute little dandelions, and don’t be tempted to pluck one up and blow the little fluffy ball. Because you are then spreading its seeds.

The dandelion is an invasive species in Kinabalu Park and it is dominating the area by killing off the native species. It is believed that they ‘came’ in from the shoes or bags of foreign tourists a few decades ago. In fact, it is one of the 4 threats that may cause Kinabalu Park to be stripped of its UNESCO World Heritage Site title, if the situation is not controlled.

Kinabalu Park World Heritage Site

With an army of volunteers and staff, Sabah Parks has lead continuous efforts to forcibly pluck out and destroy the dandelion, but they still can’t totally eliminate this alien. So the next time you are at Kinabalu Park, lend a hand to destroy this alien too.. a bit at a time.

Image by Mount Kinabalu