When it comes to delicious food, there’s no question that Melaka and Penang are famous for it but how many of you know what’s good to eat in the East? Sabah’s rich culture has birthed a unique cuisine invented by its locals.

Here are the top 5 best noodle dishes in Sabah. Try not to drool too much when reading!

1. Tuaran noodles

Photo by @jrdesilva

Originated from Tuaran Town, Tuaran noodles are arguably the best noodles in town and the locals are proud of it! This dish is like Char Kuey Teow is to Penang and Kai Si Hor Fun to Ipoh. Soft, springy eggy yellow noodles are usually stir-fried and topped off with mouth-watering barbecued pork, chun kien (Hakka egg rolls), and vegetables.

2. Beaufort noodles

Photo by @sarahtoraja

In Beaufort Town, it features soft yellow noodles that are stir-fried, covered in thick sauce, and covered with thinly sliced pork and plenty of choy sum to give it that delicious taste.

3. Ngiu Chap beef noodles

Photo by @devyne

This dish is definitely one dish that you must try! Ngiu Chap literally means ‘beef mix’ as it consists of a varied mixture of beef and bovine organs such as tendon, liver, heart, tripe, and intestine served in a thick flavourful beef broth.

4. Sang Nyuk Mee

Photo by meitzeu

Here’s another meat-packed noodle dish that will definitely make you want it now. Sang Nyuk Mee originated from Tawau. It is similar to the pork noodles we have in the west but with a Sabahan twist to it. Just like the Ngiu Chap, this dish is also served with internal organs.

5. Tenom Mee

This is a Hakka dish that originated from Tenom. Although the dish looks simple, it is actually very flavourful. This dish is fried in some pork lard and goes well with a variety of toppings – Simple yet warm and hearty!