Have you experienced living in a Rungus longhouse before?

The Rungus Longhouse is a traditional show home in Bavanggazo village, located in Matunggong District about a 41 minutes drive from Kudat town. The village lies at the end of the road where you will be able to learn all about the Rungus tribe & their communal way of life.

The Rungus community is known for its communal lifestyle, living in longhouses that can accommodate about 15 or more families. Inside, it is fully furnished with locally sourced materials, such as rumbia leaves and bamboo stems.

When visiting Bavanggazo village, it is recommended to spend a night or two to truly immerse yourself in Rungus culture. Homestay guests will get the chance to enjoy an authentic Rungus traditional dance, authentic food, and merry swigs of local rice wine (‘Lihing’). On top of that, you will also learn how Gong making takes place and personally see those stingless honey bees!

Photo by odet_2102’s Instagram