We introduce to you Sabah’s world-record breaking tree, the Yellow Meranti Tree! Crowned the world’s tallest tropical tree by researchers, it measures an astonishing 330 feet tall from ground to sky! Currently, it is the second tallest tree in the world, just behind Hyperion, a coast redwood tree in California’s Redwood National Park, measuring 380.3 feet.

Photo by Unding Jami / Smithsonian Magazine

The tree, nicknamed Menara (Malay for Tower), was found by a team of scientists from the Universities of Nottingham and Oxford, in collaboration with the South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP) in Danum Valley, Sabah. Previous record-breaking tropical trees found before Menara all came from the same species and were found in Sabah as well.

Here’s a height comparison with Famous Landmarks

Photo by mysabah