Meet the Sunda pangolin, also known as the Malayan or Javan pangolin but we like to call it an artichoke with legs. They are a rare and elusive species that can be found on the island of Borneo. Pangolins get their name from the Malay word ‘Pengguling’ which means ‘rolling ball’. Why you ask? Well, they have a habit of rolling into a ball when resting or when threatened.

Sadly, there is fear that the Sunda pangolin will become extinct in Sabah due to illegal hunting according to the state Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga. In 2008, IUCN classified them as endangered animals under the Red List of Threatened Species. The demand for these cute scaly mammals are high in China and Vietnam. These countries consider them as a delicacy and their scales were believed to have medicinal qualities.

Let’s all work together and help save the Sunda Pangolins! Those with information on poaching activities, do contact or call 088-215 353

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