Ever tried this interesting wild mango from Sabah before? Locally called Mawang, Embawang, or Bambangan in Sabah. It is one of the traditional food that many drool over!

This seasonal wild mango is botanically known as mangifera pajang kostermans. It’s a species of plant in the Anacardiaceae family which only fruits twice a year from January to February and July to August. These wild mango trees are able to grow up to 15-50 meters tall and bear many fruits weighing approximately 3kg.

There are many ways of eating this fruit. Usually, the unripe fruits are made into “Pinasakkan” (steamed) with fish whereas, ripe ones are fried with salted fish. The seeds are usually grated, mixed with the flesh, and eaten.

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Images by herbsencyclopedia, Top Peak Travel