Did you know, one of the world’s rarest dog breed comes from Malaysia? Just like Germans and their German Shepherds, Japanese and their Shiba Inu’s, we Malaysian’s have our own breed as well. Meet Malaysia’s small yet fierce protectors, the Telomian (named after the Sungai Telom valley in Pahang).


Cute huh? To us locals the telomian’s are referred as ‘Kampung Dog’.

Originally, the indigenous people of Malaysia (Orang Asli) bred the telomians from dingoes and feral dogs and are trained to be vermin-controlling hunting dogs as well as protecting children, home, and food. They are considered rare breeds because telomians can only be found in jungles and they’ve also adopted the Orang Asli lifestyle.

Look wise, they are small, have short yet smooth coats, and are athletically built. These dogs have the ability to jump higher than any cat out there and have strong paws that enable them to do things from opening doors and holding objects. Take a look at this telomian climbing like a pro.

Image by dog-learn.com, Doggie designer