Meet the Cobra. No, not the snake, but this plate of yummy delicious that we here in Sabah call Roti Cobra.

We get hungry just by looking at this ‘mess’. Beauty, messy and delicious – all rolled into this plate of roti canai that’s drenched (‘banjir’) with curry gravy and topped with a telur mata kerbau (bull’s eye egg). The test of the egg is that the yoke must ooze out lava-like and mix into the whole 9-yards of everything on the plate.

The price of Roti Cobra is also easy on your wallet, depending on whether you add on some chicken or meat, of course. Don’t forget some vegetables too, to make it a ‘balanced meal’. We don’t know how the name started, for it looked nothing like a Cobra or is close to what a Cobra eats. But the name has stuck, or maybe it’s because we become almost comatose-like after eating it, like the Cobra?

Images by tashcakes.tastes